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Top 10 Messed up Moments from Dragon Ball Z by ufd Top 10 Messed up Moments from Dragon Ball Z by ufd
I was watching Dragon Ball Z for a fan fiction I will be doing, crossing over different animated shows, which happens to include Gohan as a major character. The show was... okay. There was a lot of things wrong with it, including the slow pacing, the atrocious long dialogue that made me want to fall asleep half the time, and the fights that would take over 20 episodes. Seriously, the fight scenes in Dragon Ball Z make the duels in Yu-Gi-Oh Battle City more tolerable to sit through! I know! I know! The fights in the original Japanese version were faster pace bla bla bla, the artwork was better bla bla bla, I don't care, because I can't find any Japanese version of the tv specials and hardly the Japanese versions of the episode, unless it only exists in Japanese. I did get a chance to see one episode filler in Japanese and it was better, faster pace, and very enjoyable. If you know a website for me to go to where they have the Japanese version of the Dragon Ball Z episodes and TV specials, including History of Trunks, PLEASE SEND IT TO ME! I may not be a Dragon Ball Z fanatic, but I am a Trunks and Gohan fanatic, both being the coolest characters on the face of the Earth.

Anyways, while watching Dragon Ball Z, I have run into different scenes or things that were just... messed up! Basically, giving me a WTF. So, this is the countdown to the top 10 messed up events from Dragon Ball Z that I thought was so insane, I just couldn't believe this was real, which is saying a lot considering this is a show with perverted jokes and gay jokes... yeah. These are even more messed up than the perverted and homo jokes. In fact, you can even play the perverted drinking game with Dragon Ball Z. Alright, back to the list:

10- Okay, for those of you that doesn't know Laura Baily, she's the voice of young Chichi from Dragon Ball with the highest pitch voice you will ever meet in your life that almost surpasses Puar. She apparently also voiced the main girl in Fruitsbasket and Maka from Soul Eater, GO FIGURE! Alright, so what is my main point in calling this messed up? IT'S AWFUL!

Seriously, kid Trunks sounds like a girl trying to sound like a guy and failing at it! The sad part is that he is voiced by a woman with the second highest pitch voice in the Dragon Ball series. People have said that his voice sounds cute, but I digress. The point is that Trunks is my favorite character and I expect a better done voice to play kid Trunks.

That being said, Laura did get better with doing Trunks voice, because it did start highing up a bit later on. I guess she needed practice, but the first appearance of Trunks with his voice was just awful. It's not as bad as it could've been. I mean at least his dubbed voice isn't as awful as the Ocean dub Vegeta's voice. It wasn't as bad annoying or anything, it just was awful.

The reason really I found this really messed up was because I was expecting better from a dubbed Trunks. Like the voice of kid Gohan and kid Goten was done really REALLY well and... I expected Funamation to find a voice actor with experience. I guess Laura does have experience, but not enough to do Trunks or, if she does, to practice with it before voicing it out.

Now, this is just a pep peeve. As I said, Trunks being my favorite character and having such a dumb voice for his kid self was a messed up moment for me and I'm glad Laura tried to improve. I wish her the best of luck!

9- I love Mr. Satan and it's because his existence and every essence is messed up. I mean everytime he shows his face or is seen on TV/poster, it's just a WTF waiting to happen. It's obvious that what he says is fake, what he does his fake, and what he is, is fake. Have you ever met one of these people that says he's good at something, but is just a loser on the streets? Mr. Satan is one of those people and it's ironic that his own daughter is a better fighter than him.

Mr. Satan first appeared at the end of the Cell Games saga after Cell challenges the people of the world to bring their mightiest warriors. Mr. Satan, thinking the whole thing is a scam, goes out to fight Cell and "save the world" to get more publicity. Everyone worships him like a god, it's not even funny. Eventually, the worshiping Mr. Satan thing just turned ridiculous and eventually brought him on the list.

Why do people worship this lame fighter, when he can't even beat a little 8 year old in a fight, let alone his daughter? Doesn't anyone remember Goku? I mean he was fighting Piccalo in buildings and stuff, almost destroying the city! Why does everyone listen to this moron and not their senses? Even Mr. Satan's daughter knows this guy is a fake! In fact, so much it embarrasses her! So... why do they?

Here's what I think. I think Mr. Satan used his face to hypnotize people to worship is every essence to one day conquer the world. He plans on destroying the Z Fighters by pretending he's a fighter wannabe, when really he's the most powerful person in the galaxies and will one day conquer the world with his face and name.

But that's just me! All we know, for now, is that Mr. Satan will always be the comic relief we all know and love for always giving the messed up moments of Dragon Ball Z, maybe Dragon Ball GT. LET'S GIVE IT UP FOR MR. SATAN! WE LOVE YOU, MR. SATAN! (screams hysterically :faint: )

8- Those of you that wondered if Gohan was on drugs when posing as Saiyaman, please raise your hand... I thought so. Lol seriously, I was bursting into laughter when I saw this. I had the same reaction Videl, Piccolo, Trunks, and especially Vegeta had when seeing Gohan in that costume for the first time. I'm just streaming with questions about that outfit. Seriously, is he trying to pose as Robin, at least Robin's color in his outfit revealed some sort of symbolism. This... I don't even know what to call it.

Now, why is this messed up moment on the bottom of the list? Well, I did actually expect Gohan to go into super hero life to protect his city during college. I mean it is part of who Gohan is, he's a guy willing to protect the innocence. He's shown this as a kid and practically all his life. He grew up becoming a super hero. So, what better way to show who he is than to become the Great Saiyaman. I even loved how he used the name "Saiyan" in his name. It makes Gohan like Superman almost, I guess if he were his father in a costume. Seriously, if Goku was Clark Kent, than Gohan is the alter ego of Clark. Co'mon, he has the same powers: he's super strong, can fly and jump to high places, and is a gentleman. All that's missing is his heat vision and X-ray vision.

What I didn't expect was for Gohan to put on a lame suit that's ripping off of Robin's outfit and copying the poses from the Genyu Force and I know you're going to be asking me why I didn't put Gohan above him. I do agree the poses Gohan does as Saiyaman is more over-the-top than the Genyu Force, but I still say the poses the Genyu Force does are more messed up than what Gohan does. I will explain more about that later.

While I do agree that Gohan's suit was really lame and his poses were extremely over-the-top, I still kinda expected something stupid was going to happen. I don't know what the original manga stated about Gohan, but I was really upset that he went from being a badass 11 year old boy that could destroy the Earth single-handedly to being a shy Peter Parker rip-off. I really expected a lot out of Gohan and it only gave me a cliché rip-off of him. The only upside is that his character wasn't as bad as Peaches from Ice Age 4. Gohan's teenage self just ripped-off way too many cliches: shy boy from school, alter ego super hero, tries to save girl he likes, girl he likes is the most popular girl in school, tries too hard to hide his voice, worries more about his identity kept a secret than his own rights, and the list goes on.

As I said, the lame poses and suit is not a surprise with Gohan when you change him into a cliché Peter Parker and Superman rip-off. That being said, I do still find it messed up and I still got a good laugh out of it. I'm just glad the rip-off wasn't too bad. I liked that Videl was her own character and a very interesting at that. She wasn't a cliché reporter or a damsel in distress. I have to give the writers a good job on Videl. Though, I still wish Gohan would've been done better. At least kid Trunks was done right!

That being said, I will agree that if Gohan was to have the outfit and the lame poses when he was 11, then I would put this over the Genyu Force, but it was more expected from teenage Gohan, so this is on the bottom of the list.

7- I know that Goku gets his life back from the Elder Kai, yada yada yada, but this is the longest he's died and originally he really was going to die for good. The author originally was going to retire Goku and replace him with Goten, explaining the same copied hairstyle, with Gohan taking command. This seems like a good idea, but the reason it failed is, I think, because Goten is too much like Goku. One of the greatest elements of Dragon Ball Z was that the sons and daughters looked like a mix of their parents, not looking too much like one. Goten's first start was a one dimensional character, who looked like a Goku clone. While it was a great idea to add a second child, it is a bad idea to follow the cliché of making the son and father look EXACTLY alike and the main reason why I think the audience was enraged by Goku's retirement.

Another side note is that the audience will not accept the character they grew up with to be gone. As understandable as that is, non of them are good writers and as a writer, I personally think Goku should've stayed dead as the author intended. The audience is obviously going to be enraged by Goku retiring, but will move on and can easily grow on Gohan or Goten, if Goten was done right. Personally, I think Gohan should've been the next main character. Just like Goku, Gohan was someone everyone grew up with and came close to. A good amount of people will not like this idea, but a good amount of people will come to accept it. Then again, this is just me talking.

As I was saying, Goku officially being declared dead for good was a big shock of the century. I was sure that they would use the dragon balls to bring him back to life AGAIN. They even gathered the dragon balls for it, but the dragon cannot bring Goku back. This is probably the biggest shock of the century, seeing that anyone who died would always come back to life through the dragon balls. This was the first time death really began having its meaning again.

So yeah, you can imagine how angry I was when I realized that Goku was going to return to Earth AGAIN and steal the role of "saving the Earth." Seriously, I'm getting sick and tired of Goku always saving the world. That's why the android saga was my favorite one of all. Everyone relied on Goku and it ended up being Gohan, who would save the day. The more reason why seasons 7-9 really dropped the ball.

This shocking moment being ruined is the main reason why this is not higher on the list. Goku's death was the biggest shock and it was so messed up, it's enough to make it to number 2. Though, the author was afraid of "losing audience" and dropped the ball. I'm sorry, but once you drop the ball, it cannot be repaired. Heck, he could've fixed it by making the next part of the story even more mind-blowing than the android saga.

I haven't read the manga, but I still say he was dropping the ball by bringing back Goku. If Goku's return is nothing like the manga, please let me know. Also, yes, I know Goku was brought back by the Elder Kai giving his life essence, whoopee :sarcasm: Let me know if Goku dies or not in Dragon Ball GT, just out of curiosity.

6- I don't know which one is creepier and messed up, the fact Frieza is a mix of Maxamillion Pegasus and alien from Alien VS Preditor if they had a baby or that Zarbon looks like Kitty from DP and Katniss Everdeen if they had a baby on steroids. Take your pick, either one is still just as messed up as the other one. Oh, and that doesn't even stop there!

Frieza is a conqueror, a planet destroyer, and a ruthless one too. He also apparently is a sore loser, but is very threatening. His strength and power would put Lex Luthor to shame, his ambitions are based on being superior, and sounds like a woman, who smoked pot. Our villain ladies and gentlemen!

Zarbon is Frieza's henchman that almost has a she-hulk form that makes him more original than all of Frieza's forms combined and sounds like a man with a British accent. It's so mind-boggling, I keep mistakening the fact Zarbon is a girl... guy UGH! See how messed up this is. You might even find my own mistakes on calling Zarbon a 'she' because of this conception.

This mixed gender looking aliens is so messed up, Yubel's gender makes more sense, who is both a boy and a girl at the same time. Try putting that in your heads! I don't even have to explain how messed up this is, because it is. I'm not even sure if a Frieza and Zarbon pairing can be considered yaoi because of their confusing gender. I know they're guys, but can you really tell by looking at them? I didn't think so!

Sadly, this isn't even the most messed up moment in Dragon Ball Z. Prepare for more messed up moments.

5- Co'mon, you know you had the WTF look when you saw these guys playing Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who would fight who! I mean first the Genyu Force, then Gohan, Vegeta, and Goku, then Goku and Vegeta. It was so messed up, it was funny! You know, at this point, that Dragon Ball Z is fiction. I mean even Kid Buu is not believing this!

These three are the most shocking, because the rest of the Rock-Paper-Scissors scenes are more expected like the two demons from hell and Gohan and the crab. What I didn't expect was Vegeta to be doing this, especially the Genyu Force, even if this isn't the most messed up thing they've done. This only proves only how much of a game these guys see fighting as. I mean think about it, they fight one on one or two on two, depending on the power level, while the rest of everyone sits back and watches the show, doing nothing.

This is both funny and brings out the point of Dragon Ball. Instead of fighting being just to save the world, it's treated as a sport. In a way, we use fighting as a sport, but we normally use it as a sport in competitions. In Dragon Ball, any type of fighting, whether it's saving the world or in tournaments, is considered a game. Friends would use fighting to bring them closer together, explaining why, after Goku and Vegeta become really close friends, they start fighting for pure fun almost everyday instead of just fighting in tournaments. This also explains why Goten and Trunks fight more than Goten fights Gohan.

While it makes sense why anyone would play Rock-Paper-Scissors, when saving the world, it's still just as mind boggling as the other times before. The only time anyone sees this as mind-boggling is during the Buu Saga. It's revealed that these characters do not see fighting as a sport, but takes it more seriously. This can be said that Buu also takes fighting seriously and does not use it for fun like the Good Buu or Super Buu. Here I thought everyone in Dragon Ball saw fighting as a sport. I guess anyone can be wrong.

I'd like to see the American Superheroes' reaction to this. Superman would be ashamed.

4- Now, we finally get to the Ginyu Force poses. Seriously, this has to be the most messed up moment in season 2. Even Team4star makes fun of this! The Ginyu Force is a team of highly trained soldiers, whose job is to eliminate Vegeta and Gohan's team on Namik. Every second of them arriving is very intense and you get the feeling that these guys are just going to make the Z Fighters' lives hard. These guys are supposed to be super trained soldiers that put everyone to their knees, even break Gohan's neck to the point where he can't move and hardly talk.

Despite all of this, they make the most lame and WTF poses in season 2. You halfly wonder if they're gay or not. Not only that, but they're trained to use those poses before battle and teach Frieza's men to make the poses right or they'll be killed. Yeah, pretty messed up huh? Even Goku is baffled by this!

Now, I did mention about Gohan as Saiyaman doing the poses that are even more lame than the Ginyu Force, so why is he at the bottom compared to these guys? Well, I kinda expected Gohan to do something stupid like that as Saiyaman. I mean he is a Peter Parker rip-off and he's obviously going to do something so nerdy and stupid, it makes him look like a superhero wannabe. The Ginyu Force are highly trained professionals, who are into serious motives and only focus on the mission at hand.

While it is true that the Ginyu Force also come out as more... well human, treating each other like friends more than just teammates, it's obvious they don't follow an evil army cliché. Though, this doesn't mean that these guys aren't threatening. Even the smallest of the team is very dangerous and threatening. Though, when doing the poses, they look ridiculous and it loses its threat and you just want the person on the opposite end to kill them for their stupidity.

Is it to say that the Ginyu Force's poses ruin their character and make them look lame? Na! It just gives them more personality if anything. It also gives the writers a chance to have fun with the threatening villains. In fact, for their poses, I actually love the Ginyu Force better than Frieza and his henchmen. If Goku was to have an all-out battle with these guys like with Frieza, I would've enjoyed every bit of it. I seriously want these guys to be the main villains of the Frieza Saga, that would've been awesome. I want them to be the ones to have destroyed planets and civilizations, including the Saiyan planet. If this was all the Ginyu Force, I wouldn't have minded this one bit. In fact, I would've given season 2 an 'okay' if they were the main villains and not Frieza.

Either way the poses will forever be remembered by the Ginyu Force and will forever be laughed at nation wide.

3- This made me laugh so hard, I had to pause the episode. This Elder Kai apparently was locked inside the sword Gohan pulls out from the land of the Kais. He has the power to power up anyone to their full potential (didn't that already happened to Gohan in season 2?). So, to unlock Gohan's hidden power, the Elder Kai does this most bizarre ritual, which includes dancing around Gohan like someone in Africa or Asia (don't know which) doing the Rain Ritual Dance, then he sits across from Gohan while reading a porno magazine or comics. The dance is played for six hours and Gohan has to sit still while the Elder Kai holds his hand in front of him for another several more hours (don't know how long). The dance has to be the most bizarre one of all and I was having WTF looks throughout the whole time.

I was glad the Elder Kai did that, because after this, Gohan goes back to being the Gohan that was my favorite character and not the stupid Peter Parker rip-off. Even when he was Saiyaman again, Gohan was still his normal self and honestly, the poses started to fit him by that time, especially with Saiyawoman lolz. So, despite the fact the Elder Kai unlocking Gohan's powers was a cop out from season 2, it was one done right.

The Elder Kai was lovable and, even though he's a pervert, it wasn't as over-the-top as Master Roshi. Elder Kai is a perfect example of a crazy old man with great wisdom. Master Roshi, eat your heart out! Even he never did rituals or dances as bizarre as the Elder Kai.

2- When it comes to voice acting, every character has to be sure about three things. One of them is that they can change their voices in at least three different ways, the second is that they can set the feelings and emotions into the character to make he/she come to life, and third is that IT HAS TO FIT THE CHARACTER'S AGE, GENDER, AND CHARACTER! This is where the Japanese voice actors of Gohan and Goku really drop the ball. While I do think that the voice actor to both would fit very well for the children counter parts of the characters, as grown men and adults, their voices should have cracked and become manly men.

When I first heard the Japanese voices for Goku and Gohan, I was dropping my jaw and literally saying, "what the freakin' hell?" Of course, I had to censor "hell" due to small siblings in the house, but you get the idea. The voices were done so badly, it was laughable. I can understand having the same voice actor in Dragon Ball, if Goku grew up to 15 years old, it shows the symbolism of child-like behavior. What I don't understand is why the voice actor couldn't have been kept for little Gohan and hired another voice actor for 20 year old Goku. This is what I call LAZY.

This isn't the first time the Japanese studios for their animated series have dropped the ball on voice actors. Another example is in Yu-Gi-Oh GX when human Yubel was played by the SAME voice actor. This led to people mistaking human Yubel in the Japanese version to be female and not male. For those of you that still believe she's female in the human version of Yubel in the Japanese version, look for boobs and tell me where the heck her boobs are and why she has male abs in her human form. YUBEL IS MALE IN BOTH THE JAPANESE AND ENGLISH VERSION!

I don't care if Goku is childish when he's an adult, I don't care if the Japanese version is better, the voice acting for these two SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK and full of WTF. Now, maybe I'm being too harsh and maybe they didn't have enough money for enough voice actors, but I doubt it. Even with that disadvantage, they could still use the same voice for Piccalo or Vegeta, they have better voices! Even the voice of Yamcha!

I know! I know! They're not the only ones with woman voices. Krillan's voice sucks, Bardock's voice sucks, and all the other adult men voiced by women in the Japanese Dragon Ball Z SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK S! The voice of Japanese Yugi, not from season 0, was voiced by a male, despite being a childish teenager. This is what I imagine teenage and adult Goku and Gohan sounding like. Why didn't he voice them!? Whatever! The women voices in Japan in male characters never cease to amaze me and make me wonder if the director of these Japanese anime are just high or idiots. I don't know. I'd like to know why there are male men in the Japanese anime that are played by women. I don't get it! Are there more women that voice act than men? I guess I'll never know! Either way, this is still messed up.

1- I have no words for this one. Just click on this link and it will explain it all. I apologize for it being in Spanish, I can't find one in English, but I'm sure you know this song in English by heart, so I don't care: [link]

The video says it all. Now, what's my intake to this... um... I can't really be against this... it actually fits them. They're all pathetic, can't be taken seriously, and the only villain I remotely liked was Super Buu and Baby Buu. Either versions were badass.

I liked the Good Buu. He was very playful and I really liked the new step they took with Buu, it was very creative. Though, I still can't take the names seriously, because I still have that stupid song in my head whenever I hear their names. If you never picture the song, whenever you hear their names, where the hell have you been? Lolz

And that's my countdown. My intake on Dragon Ball Z was interesting, but I still would perfer Yu-Gi-Oh. Even with it's stupidity, at least you would more expect it to be goofy. I mean it's about people saving the world with a children's card game. Dragon Ball Z is supposed to be about saving the world with fighting. How can you expect anything stupid and goofy in that? Not to mention I like the dark elements of the supernatural, which Dragon Ball doesn't have.

I might check out the manga, since I have noticed that even Yu-Gi-Oh is more serious in the manga than the anime, not counting Yu-Gi-Oh R. I even have heard that Emperor Pilaf is actually threatening in the original manga. I also suspect Garlic Jr. is Emperor Pilaf in the manga, please comment me if I'm wrong. I might get something of what the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh saw that gave him the idea to do his version of the manga.

Here are the other parts of Dragon Ball Z that almost made the list:

Goku Being Sent to Earth AS A BABY!?- I've mentioned this in a comment on YouTube and have had who knows how many DBZ fans convincing me how this is supposed to make sense and I still find it NOT MAKING ANY DANG SENSE! Alright, as a baby Goku was sent to Earth, on a spaceship, to destroy the Earth for some sort of planet trade or something. Okay, by now, if you have any ounce of brain left in you, you would have the same reaction as I had: WHAT KIND OF HORRIBLE PARENTS DOES GOKU HAVE!? Seriously, they're sending their- who knows how many months- old child onto another planet with no clothes in the middle of nowhere ON AN ISLAND. THESE SAIYANS ARE THE DUMBEST RACE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH AND IT'S NO WONDER FRIEZA WAS ABLE TO DESTROY THEIR PLANET!

Seriously, do you guys know how stupid this is? No? Still think this is possible? Okay, they're sending their infant baby onto a planet, who only knows how to eat and poo. Goku cannot walk, talk, hunt, gather, crawl, or... ANYTHING! All he knows how to do is eat and poo. EAT AND POO! I don't care if Goku's strong like an ox, HE'S A FREAKIN' BABY! DO I NEED TO TELL YOU GUYS ALOUD THAT GOKU IS A FREAKIN' BABY!? Even the picture should convince you how stupid this plan is! This is how the Siayans are planning to conquer Earth? Sure, just leave your infant there to cry for months. (few months later) Oh wait, did your child just die? OH GEE, I WONDER HOW THE HECK THAT HAPPENED!? MAYBE YOU SHOULD'VE WAITED UNTIL HE KNEW HOW TO WALK AND TALK, MAYBE EVEN TRAIN HIM ON HOW TO GATHER FOOD, FEED HIMSELF, BUILD SHELTER AND- (is breathing hard) I'm okay.

Listen, I know Saiyans work differently than humans. Heck, they don't even have hormones like male humans do, but there's a difference with using powers to their advantage and being an moron. When Gohan learned to be out on his own, he was four years old and watched after Piccalo, even to the point of being given food. Goku had to be fed as a baby by his grandpa Gohan. In fact, he didn't learn to fight by the Siayan race, he learned from his grandpa and Master Roshi, then later Master Popo and... well you get the idea.

I would go with the whole "Goku turns into the Great Ape" idea, but it's only every full moon and a full moon only happens every month. Goku is still expected to take care of himself, including feeding himself. By the time he can turn into a giant ape, he'll be weak from starvation and will only destroy a part of a region. Not to mention he'll have to swim from the island to other land masses, which will probably be who knows how many miles away. Goku might end up even drowning himself on accident, while on monkey form.

Even if the full moon, programed into the spaceship, was to appear, Goku would still have to swim himself to other places and apes can't swim. He's on an island that's unpopulated. I guess the saiyans didn't think their plans through or they're just the worst caretakers in their universe.

I don't care what excuse I'm getting, whether it's from my YouTube comment section or this place, this is still one messed up plan that was to fail from the start. Too many things could happen to mess up this plan. One of the other things to consider is that Goku should end up succeeding to destroy the planet by the time he's a teenager. This means he has to feed himself until then. As an ape, he would still need to feed himself and all he knows is "I want Mommy/Daddy," "I'm hungry," or "I made a dodo."

The only reason this is on the list in the first place is mostly because I feel like I'm the only one that sees a major flaw in this plan and everyone else is too blind. It's like they expect a saiyan baby to act like he's 10. I've been around babies before and when I think of them having super strength and turning into a giant ape with beams coming out of its mouth, I only see a baby that wants his mommy and is scared. So... I feel sorry for Goku and the other saiyan babies. The saiyans deserve an award for WORST PARENTS AND CARETAKERS EVER. Yeah, messed up!

The reason it didn't make the list is because it was just a pet peeve and it didn't surpass the voice of Trunks sounding like a girl trying to be a guy. I would put t his on number 11, if anything.

Teenage Gohan- Again, this was another pet peeve. I just could not believe they turned him into a Peter Parker rip-off. I wouldn't mind if it was a Bruce Banner rip-off, but Peter Parker? Seriously? This guy rips-off Superman and Spider-Man at the same time, it's not even funny. I expected better out of Gohan than just the shy nerdy kid in school.

Now, I did like that the girls start crushing on him and he is partaking as a super hero, but I think this could've been done better. I expected Gohan to be the main character that takes in charge of being the man of the house: having to take care of his little brother, supporting his mother, and protecting the city. That's what an older brother with no father has to deal with. I mean even Goku asks Gohan to take care of his mother before he dies!

Now, if you want a Gohan that follows this, watch Dragon Ball Z: History of Trunks. While Gohan knocking out Trunks to fight the androids alone was so cliché, his personality is exactly what I picture Gohan after the death of his father. He holds responsibility as the man of the house in Bulma's family, despite being just the friend of the family.

The main reason this wasn't on the list is because it was more of a "BULL!" response than a WTF response. Not to mention Gohan's character did get better by the end. I just wish that he would've acted like this from the beginning. This is another reason why I like Yu-Gi-Oh better. The characters move forward, they don't go back to the same filthy mess they struggle at.

Videl being Mr. Satan's daughter- This was a big shocker for me. It's so ironic, yet it makes sense how Videl was Mr. Satan's daughter. Just even thinking how this is possible is hilarious and WTF shocking, yet it's not. Is Mr. Satan married? No. How did Videl came to live with her father? I guess her mom was a jerk. Who knows? No one will ever know.

My theory is that Videl's mother was a real fighter and thought Mr. Satan was too. Though, she found out he was a lier and cheated on her after she gave birth to Videl. Mr. Satan used the money to get custody rights and lawyers, yada yada yada and there you go. This is still messed up either way.

So, why isn't this on the list? Well... it wasn't enough to make the top 10 and just her father was enough to be more messed up than this little shocking discovery. So, there you go!
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I like Spider-Man, and Gohan's ALWAYS been my fave character. Saiyaman didn't bother me, though I think the poses could've been A LOT better. And Goku staying dead, I agree. Here's the roles as follows

Videl-Female Lead
I wouldn't have minded Goku coming back for the Tournament, but after that keep him dead. Even if Goku comes back to life, Gohan, Piccolo, and the kids should've had a role in the final fight with Kid Buu besides the Spirit Bomb.
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