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This will be the first chat room I've created and become administrator of, though this does not come without rules. I know there are chats where they only require a few rules or no rules at all, but I have experienced that role-players will tend to do things to ruin the run of the chat. This is to prevent that, so you may all have fun. I know there are quite a bit, but not rules that are impossible to follow. Very easy, in fact.

On top of this, I will require your registration. If you are not a member of DeviantArt, you can leave your registration on or YouTube. If you don't have an account for either of those, create an account for one of those. It's not that difficult and you don't have to pay a dime. I just need a way to contact all of you. The links to my Fanfiction and YouTube accounts will be on the links in the description below.

You may notice more than one moderator symbol on the Visitor's Status on the top right. This is because I don't have a premium account. My moderators will go under administrator, so they will have the same powers as me. Though, I am the main moderator of the chat under Alfred King of Spades. The others you see with administrator symbols are my moderators. 

  1. Fill in your registration. This will not be difficult and the directions will be on the very bottom. Just follow it and I will send you the password and link through PM.

  2. Don't give out the password to ANYONE. I don't care if it's your friends or how much you trust this person. That person is still breaking the rules. If I find that someone is logging in without registration, I my moderators and I will ask him/her to leave and warn the password giver to not do it again. If this same person does this twice, this person will be banned from the chat permanently and I will change the password. 

  3. Be nice. That should be common sense.

  4. No bossing each other around. Meaning, if there is something someone is doing that you don't like, whether it'd be a character being OOC, an OC being a mary-sue, etc. I don't care, you leave the bossing to me and my fellow moderators I may or may not hire. If you have a problem with what one of the characters are doing, PM me and I will handle this person. Other than that, suck it up, leave everyone alone and move on.

  5. If there is any fighting or arguing that gets out of hand, my moderators and I will be involved. We will look at it from both sides of the story and help settle it. If you are not willing to cooperate, we will kick you out. I'm not merciful like many of the moderators and administrators I've met, so don't test me. I would advise any of you to not get involved in the fight or start one. It is better to not get involved in any fight, even to protect or defend a friend. It's not worth it, if I end up getting involved.

  6. No 2P characters. You are allowed to have the country you play to be Nyotalia instead, but there cannot be a Nyotalia and a Hetalia character that represent the same country. For instance, there cannot be a Nyo America and an America in the same RP. I play America, so I can be Alfred or Amelia. 

  7. No crossovers. I want to stick to Hetalia only. You are allowed to use OC's though.

  8. Any lemon should be censored. You can skip it or use the hidden bar. Just type in your lemon between [x] and [/x], but make sure the other person is okay with this.

  9. If you decide to change your character to a Nyotalia or a Hetalia character, you can, but there has to be an explanation for it. Example: Using magic or your character drinking a gender flipping potion.

  10. I know it is hard to believe and it will ruin all your fantasies, but just because one character is a king and the other is a queen, it doesn't mean they're MARRIED. Some will decide to be parent and child, since a king being the parent, a queen being the child and vice versa has happened before in real life. You can also have the king and queen be cousins, brother and sister or even just best friends. If you want the duo to be married, let the other role-player, playing said character, know. Yes, it can be through the chat. 

  11. The main positions of characters: king, queen and jack are the only positions unchanged. If you decide to play as a character that does not show a position of either of those, you can have them be in any position you want, including Jokers. If you want to play a character and do not want he or she to be the king, queen or jack he/she was positioned as, let me know in your registration and I will take out the name from the permanent positions. I will list the positions of the king, queen and jack that are cannon and will remained unchanged until farther notice.

  12. If you see a blank space in the list of king, queen and jack position, you are allowed to take it. I'm going by first come, first serve. The first role-player to claim that position in their registration has it. Otherwise, you are not allowed to take any positions of the king, queen or jack, if the name of your character is not on the list.

  13. The number of Jokers are unlimited. Each number on the suits are unlimited as well. So, you are allowed to be Number 13 of Diamonds. 

  14. Anyone who breaks the rules shall be given a warning. If he/she continues or decides to fight or be stubborn about it, me or my moderators will ban you. I will not play favorites and the person being my “friend” will not matter either. I expect my friends to respect my rules as much as everyone else. PM me, if you have a problem with any of my rules and, if you think I should change any of these rules, give me a written report of why I should change it. I will look it over and decide it among myself or my moderators. If myself, I will talk to my fellow role-players about it to hear their opinions on it. Keep in mind this may take a week or so, since I don't want to rely on my emotions. Other than that, follow the rules and you'll be on my good side.

  15. Have fun.

Suit Positions:


King: Germany

Queen: Japan

Jack: Italy

Ace of the Royal Guards: Charity

2 of Hearts: Canada

Ace of the Guard Police: Shay (OC)


King: France

Queen: Liechtenstein

Jack: Switzerland

5 of Diamonds: Greece

8 of Diamonds: Spain


King: America

Queen: England/Britain

Jack: China

3 of Spades: Norway

5 of Spades: Denmark

6 of Spades: Shanghai (OC)

7 of Spades: South Korea

8 of Spades: Bulgaria (Aleksander Ivov OC)


King: Russia

Queen: Hungry

Jack: Austria

Ace of the Royal Guards: Sweden

3 of Clubs: Lithuania 

4 of Clubs: Estonia

5 of Clubs: Latvia

6 of Clubs: Romania

12 of Clubs: Poland

Jobs of each Position:

King: The king has the power to check over laws created by the Jack. They are not allowed to create laws, but suggest them. They are in command of the royal army, can declare war and create treaties. They are in charge of settling debates and political relations between theirs and the other suit. If there's any problems to do with the kingdom, everyone must go to the king. The king will then send these problems and concerns to the Jack and Queen. The king also decides among their people who is to be their Queen and Jack.

Queen: The king keeps in charge of the taxes and payments of the kingdom. If there is war debts that need to be paid, he/she must organize and find ways to pay off these debts. They're also in charge of executing the laws and making sure everyone in the land follows them. They're in charge of the guards that guard the kingdom, prisons, etc. If anyone should be pardoned, only the Queen shall pardon them. The King and Jack cannot deny the wishes of whom the Queen will grant pardon to. If the King dies, the Queen automatically becomes king and shall choose whoever shall be their Queen.

Jack: The Jack creates laws to improve, enforce or change the government or laws of the land. The king shall give out the problems and concerns of the land and the trio are to decide what is to happen. After this, the Jack is in charge of making this happen. They are to announce any laws changed to the people and make it possible. They're also in charge of explaining the laws and regulations of the land to the newcomers. 

Ace: While the Ace may not have as much power as the King, Queen or Jack, it doesn't make their job less important. The Ace are in charge of the suit numbers, who are the guards. While the Queen is the main leader of the guards, the Ace's are in charge of each individual groups of the numbers suits. Each Ace has a 1 as their first digit. Example: 1, 11, 21, 31 are all Ace. 

Suit Numbers: These are the guards or army. The suits 2-9 are the royal guards in charge of protecting the King, Queen and Jack. The suits 12-19 and 22-29 are the police guards, in charge of taking out prisoners. The suits 32-39, 42-49 and 52-59 guard the kingdom from invaders. The suits 62 and over with no 1's or 0's as their first digits are the royal army. 

Jokers: Jokers don't belong to any of the suits or kingdoms. They were born from one of the kingdoms, but have left to become Jokers. Don't be fooled. They're not literally jokers or fools so to speak, not even close. Their main duties are to keep the kingdoms at peace. If the kingdoms decide to debate, compromise or create a treaty, they are in charge of writing and changing the treaties to benefit the kingdoms combined. They know about all four kingdoms and how they work. They're neutral all the way and do not favor war. They favor peace and exist because of this. If war comes about, they are to schedule a day and location of the war. These guys can only be contacted by the King, if this is so.

Characters Taken:

America (Alfred) played by :iconufd:
England (Arthur) played by :iconswordsnipersinon:
Russia (Ivan), Poland (Feliks) and Kugelmugel (Leo) played by :iconkatietrooper:
Prussia (Gilbert) played by :iconkawaiiyandere: 

Spain (Antonio) and Netherlands played by :iconhetaliadutch:
Sealand (Peter) and Romania (Vladimir) played by :iconclockworkstarling:
Canada (Matthew) played by :iconranila: 
Hungary (Elizabetha) played by :iconbringmemisery: 
Liechtenstein (Erika) played by :iconhaywierp: 
Austria, Ladonia, Sweden and Denmark (Mathilda) played by :iconvenoumious:
China (Yao Wang) played by :iconkiana1sapenguin3:
South Korea played by :iconxxkejtillxx:
OC Shay played by :iconlucissoulmate:
Germany (Ludwig) played by :iconannabelle-kirkland:
Saborga (Valentino), Greece (Hercules) and Latvia (Ravis) played by :iconwoofdogg:
Japan (Kiku or Sakura), Lithuania (Toris) and Romano played by :iconelliemeep3:
Wy (Kaelin) and Estonia (Eduard) played by :iconsnowfoxxofhere:
Norway (
Lukas Bondevik) played by :iconelliemeep3:

OC Shanghai (Annie) played by :iconcoolgirl951:
OC Charity played by :iconmissinsanityfox:
OC Bulgaria (Aleksander Ivov) played by :iconlittlesealand:

Registration Form:

Name: (the name of the character you will RP as)

Suit: (what suit will you belong to? Heats, Diamonds, Spades, Clubs or Joker)

Position: (what position will you be? King, queen, jack, Ace or number? You can ignore this one, if you choose Joker for suit)

Have you read the rules and promise to follow them: (if you have any questions, feel free to ask me before you register)


United States

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