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I'm glad there is at least one game that has a critique section. Anyways, this is a really great game. You have very neat ideas and man...

More than hating England getting drunk off his high horse every Independence Day, I hate the Russia and America hatred. No, I'm not talking about the Hetalia fans that hate Russia and America as characters (if there is such thing 0_0). I'm talking about authors writing fan fictions that include Russia and America having a deep hatred toward each other for no real reason, other than because of the cold war/rivalry. It doesn't help that these kind of fan fictions are more common than England getting drunk on Independence Day and, compared to that cliché, the America and Russia hatred cliché is even shown in RusAme fan fictions :iconfacepalmplz:

I want to start out with what America's and Russia's relationship is in Hetalia. It's almost hard to pinpoint, if you're too focused on the America and Russia head-butting during the Cold War, though it can be summed up as friendly rivals. While they have made threats in the manga, they usually were for play. Even in the anime, the cold war in a nutshell was mochie Russia and America horseplaying. There wasn't a real actual war that effected their relationship like the American Revolution, the Hundred Years War, the Opium Wars, or most of the other wars did to the two opposing countries during said wars. 

While I understand there was some hatred Americans generally had toward the Russians, it wasn't really that bad. We never felt any racial or discriminative hatred toward them like we did with the Japanese, the English, the Southerners, the Natives, or even the Muslims during 9/11. At most, we only felt this discrimination, if you can call it that, toward communists. If an American, that had Russian blood, was against communism, then there was no discrimination toward him/her. The fact we never really went to war, except against two countries having a communism vs republic civil war, is the biggest hint that we never hated Russia during this time. (keep in mind that we were at war against the Soviet Union, not Russia in general. The country may've been part of it, but that's like saying we went to war ONLY against Germany during World War 2, when our main enemy was the Axis Powers).

Though, with all historical facts aside, the creator of Hetalia mentioned that he focuses more on keeping the characters in character than historical accuracy. In other words, whether or not there was any discrimination toward Russians, isn't an excuse to put America or Russia out of character. Yes, I said it, having America and Russia hate each other places them out of character. It also insults their characters as well (I stated before that I don't start hating anything unless I feel that it's insulting for whatever reason). 

America, as a character, is a happy and optimistic country that is loud, obnoxious, and loves to be friends with everyone. Sometimes his ego and obnoxious nature makes the other countries dislike him. Though, for Russia, he admires America for having this nature. You heard me folks! Russia actually admires America for the very things all the other countries dislike about him. Yet, you writers out there are having him break into America's bedroom and trying to rape or beat the crap out of him!? Russia hasn't even raped anyone, not even the countries he owned like Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Latvia! 

America insulting Russia and calling him a “commie” is something I also see as out of character for him, unless it's used as a teasing remark or joke. America, even through the years of him and England butting heads, has never insulted anyone in his life. Yes, he's said he'd beat the crap out of England with his Warhawk, but has never insulted him nevertheless. Yes, he said he held a grudge against Mexico, the only country America has ever mentioned of hating, but has never insulted him either. (at best, he just drew a half-assed drawing of Mexico on his map) Yes, he said he was going to take the ticket Russia gave him to his country, and use it to blow his nose on, but has never called him any insults. For the most part, America seems to be playing off of Russia; kinda being a troll.

When it comes to the Hetalia characters, I expect non of them to ever be insulted in any way, and Russia and America are no different in that aspect. Believe it or not, they're both two of my favorite characters. I LOVE Russia, the big teddy bear, and America the loveable, crazy, badass fighter pilot (Yes, America is a fighter pilot. He's wearing a fighter pilot jacket. No, it's not a bomber jacket. No, the number 50 doesn't stand for the number of states. Fighter pilot jackets had random things on the back. I think the number 50 is for a possible number on America's warhawk, since those often had numbers on the back, but I digress). Though, more than them as characters, I love how they're the first rivals to actually be close friends. You heard right CLOSE FRIENDS.

When America had a contest against England on Halloween, America asked Japan and Russia to help him scare England. When America asked for help to fight the plantonians in Hetalia Paint it White, (and yes, he did wear a bomber jacket that time. It's a different jacket than the fighter pilot jacket he wore) America chose Russia, after asking Japan, to work with him (as his sidekick in the dub). When everyone else argued with America on his plans, Russia said he wanted to fight without complaining. (even when he was reluctant later)

I will admit that America's and Russia's relationship is never dove deeper like America's relationship with Japan or England, but it is shown that they are friendly rivals, rivals that are FRIENDS. Just because Russia and America have been butting heads from time to time doesn't mean that's what America and Russia do in Hetalia. Remember, the creator focuses more on making the characters stay in character than historical accuracy. 

Even if you wanted to do a historically accurate fan fiction with the cold war, you also need to keep in mind that America and Russia, while do represent their people, are allowed to think differently from the opinions of their people. This is continually shown throughout Hetalia. America's character is mainly of an American stereotype, not the Americans in general. People continually forget this. There is a solid difference between the country's citizens and the country himself/herself. Just because the Americans or Russians thought one way, doesn't mean that is what Russia or America thought during that time period. 

Do you seriously believe that many Americans craved hamburgers and coffee, always called themselves the hero, and wanted to be friends with aliens and whales during World War 2 or before? If you think so, then you must be stupid, because the popular American food were mainly rations. If you were rich, you could just get beef or chicken. If America's personality was based off of his citizens, he'd be craving beef and chicken, not hamburgers, which were only found in fairs during the 1940's and mainly homemade (yes, I do believe America has a personal chef that makes his hamburgers, instead of going to McDonald's everyday. There was no McDonald's in 1942 :D (Big Grin)).

If you're going to do a fan fiction on the cold war, don't make either America or Russia hate each other. It's not cannon, and it's insulting to their characters. They respect each other, and I expect them to still respect each other during the Cold War. Do something creative with a Cold War fan fiction; like have Russia and America troll each other or something. Better yet, do what :iconthelosthype: did in These Gates, which is based off of the history of the War of 1812, and tell a story of two good friends and rivals being forced to fight against each other. That would be ten times more interesting! 

If you're going to have Russia and America hate each other, give them a reason to hate each other, while still keeping to their characters. Like have it be a ripple effect or something. Don't make it over-the-top, and PLEASE don't make Russia a freakin' rapist! I'm sick and tired of authors making countries some sort of rapist or pedophile when they're not. (Looking at you Spamano and FrUk :iconthumbsdownenglandplz:) The only country I see being a rapist is England during his pirate days, or some of the Nordics that might've been vikings. (ironically, England is often the one getting raped, not the other way around OMG!)

To finish with the most important thing I want you all to STOP doing, is making Russia the villain or a dick. That's not his character. Just because most of Europe fears him, just because he controlled five countries, doesn't mean he was the BIG BAD villain or dictator. Alot of times, when countries go through a time of being controlling or dictatorish, it's often the fault of the ruler of said country, not the country himself. Germany was doing his job during World War 2, that doesn't mean he was a cold-hearted, demonic, Jew-hating Nazi. It's the same for Russia or any other country. (yet everyone gives England a break after the stuff he did during his pirate days, the Opium War, the wars against France, or any other wars/times England was being a jerk. Everyone also gives America a break after the stuff he's done. Yes, I'm American, and admit that we have been jerks from time to time)

Yes, Russia did favor communism, but that's shown during World War 2 when it seemed like the best idea in the world (especially during the Great Depression). Does that mean he's a cold-hearted communist? No. Does that mean he's a dictator? No. Does that mean he's controlling? Probably, but what country isn't? Does that mean he's an American-hating bastard? HELL NO! America and Russia have a long history together, just like many other countries (even if Hetalia doesn't show it). I think it'd take a little more than communism to get them to hate each other's guts. If you want to make Russia a villain, make sure it makes sense like... I don't know... do what many Hunger Games and Hetalia crossovers do when making America the villain. (yes, the Panem America usually sucks, but it at least makes sense in the character-changing dynamic. At the very least, you could see that Panem America was dealing with a ton of pressure that was too much for him, and driving him insane. Most Communist Russia fan fictions never give us a reason to why Russia has to be a dictating jerk)

I'm going to challenge all of you to write a Russia and America fan fiction where they're friends. I'd like to see a friendship RusAme at some point. I don't want to see another fan fiction with Russia or America hating each other to the point of ridiculousness. This cliche just HAS to die. We don't even care about Russia anymore, and many of us rather immigrated from Russia, vice versa, or wanting to vacation there. I'd also want the RusAme fan fictions to actually show some relationship development like there is with RusCan fan fictions. 

If you know a fan fiction where Russia and America are friends, let me know in the comments. I'm in need for a friendship Russia and America fan fiction.


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