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It's been a while, since the last journal I made, but I wanted to follow this up with Why State OC's as America's Children is Annoying. More than State OC's being America's offprings, it really gets under my skin when someone creates a Native America OC and she ALWAYS is America's mother.

Don't get me wrong, I see a lot of potential in this. In fact, I have seen this kind of potential in a one shot I read called O'er the Land of the Free, which you can find on The problem I have, just like the last journal, is when this potential is wasted. It's even worse when it gets insulting. By insulting, I mean it's a false representation of the American's treatment over the Native Americans or even placing the blame of their mistreatment on another country, who was not solely responsible for the mistreatment of the Native Americans (at least not entirely).

Over 300 years ago, many white settlers from 3-4 different parts of Europe settled in America. Most of them mistreated the Natives, thought them as savage, etc. The only country that I can say treated the Natives with some sort of dignity is France. The English and Spaniards came to the Americas and, while some of them might've treated the Natives good, eventually treated them badly. Though, let's focus on what the English did when they came to America.

Jamestown was the first English settlement, followed by Plymouth. Both settlements had one thing in common. Both of them did gain help from the Natives, but then eventually turned on them. The settlers that lived in the New England colonies destroyed tribes and villages of the Natives.

I'm sure you guys know about the American Revolution and one of the Acts that included the Americans not being allowed to settle passed the Appalachian Mountains. Did you know the reason was because, on the other side of those mountains, was land where Native tribes lived? I'm not kidding! Granted, there were other reasons, but that certainly was one of them. That means any fan fiction with America complaining about not being allowed to go to that extra land England won from the French and Indian War was him wanting to steal territory from the Natives.

I think, at this point, you're seeing where I'm getting at and why I find Native America being America's parent a problem. It's so sugarcoated, it's not even funny. I run into fan fictions of America building some sort of monument to his “mother Native America” or being nice and loving as if he was never mean to her in the past, then claiming that the mistreatment was England's doing. I'm fine with an America getting along with his mother Native America, but what he did in the past cannot be ignored and the fault cannot be placed on another country. Not saying England doesn't hold some responsibility, including Canada, but last I checked, I believe it was an American President that signed the Indian Removal Act.

When I created my Native America OC, I purposely decided to not have him be related to America in any way, shape or form. America's actual parent is United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland. America's people originated from the English settlers, not the Natives. Yes, we do have Natives here, but the people of America hold a small percentage of Native Americans and they don't just live in the United States. They live all over the two continents, including the Middle America islands. Heck, the Mexicans are descendants of the Natives. If there're any countries that should be the offspring of a Native America OC, it'd make sense for them to be the countries of South and Middle America that were descendants of the Natives, including perhaps a Texas OC (speaking of state OC's being offsprings of anycountry ... ).

I'm not saying that nobody should make a Native America OC as America's parent or make her a male – which I feel is more accurate for a Native America OC, but that's just me – but it gets on my nerves when I read a fan fiction of America glorifying his mother Native America as if he never did anything to her, despite the fact non of the white men have for the past over 200, excuse me 300 years, and has recently started getting better (and by better I mean they're actually recognizing the mistreatment). Most of the changes that happened in America, regarding better treatment toward the Natives, have taken place during the 21st century.

So yes, this isn't just something that happened a long time ago and we can just drop the ball and get over it. Because of what our ancestors did, what our COUNTRY did, the Natives are slowly disappearing. Tribes are disappearing that once existed when my grandmother and mother were in their prime. In my opinion, the Natives have dealt with the worst possible racism; even more so than the black Americans. Though, that's not the problem.

I will be the first white girl to say that we place so much focus on destroying racism against the black community, yet not put as much effort to do the same for the Native Americans. For instance, we make such a big ordeal about calling a black person a “nigger,” yet wouldn't give a rat's ass when we call a Native an “Indian.” Excuse me, but what the hell is wrong with this country? Even during the days of slavery, we were making efforts to free the black slaves, including the days of the American Revolution. I don't recall us ever doing anything for the Natives, except a few here and there that nobody paid attention to or forgot.

There are a few Natives still existing in this world and our treatment toward them isn't going to change unless we make a change. Racism towards the black community is considered taboo, because we made a statement, the same should be said for the Natives. It doesn't come from making parades, refusing to sit in the back seat of the bus or setting up pep rallies. It comes from our actions, whether it's how we talk to our friends or what we write in our stories.

Yes, fan fictions are fictional stories, but they influence the way we and others think. Sure, we might not take certain things seriously, because it's fiction, but it's what the reader gets out of it that counts. If you make a fan fiction about America glorifying his mother Native America as the good little boy, then nobody is going to see the problem in this country or see how the United States of America has been treating the Natives for the past 140 years or not realize the tribes and culture of the Natives that's disappearing. We were bad to the Hawaiians too, yet we let them keep their culture.

If you want to create a Native America OC, I challenge all of you to give him/her the respect he/she deserves as you would of the black slaves in your Civil War fan fictions. It's time we stopped being blind to the problems with racism of the Natives that we are dealing with in America.

Keep in mind, I'm not saying that there isn't any problems with racism toward the black community. I do recognize it, but I also recognize the ones that aren't getting any help or recognition. I have met many people that are black that believe they're the only ones getting mistreated and that you have to be black to understand it. Aside from the fact it's one of the most arrogant statements I've ever heard in my life, the Natives are from the Caucasian roots and were hated by every American in the United States of America, including the black slaves. Let that sink in for a moment.

I'll leave that for you guys to think about. I just wanted to bring that out there and make that statement, because it's something that needs to be recognized. Feel free to leave a comment and bring out your thoughts on this.


United States

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