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I'm glad there is at least one game that has a critique section. Anyways, this is a really great game. You have very neat ideas and man...

This isn't something I hate or dislike. When I'm annoyed about something, it comes out as an idea I do love and see potential to, but then get frustrated when seeing it wasted. I feel the same way about a Revolutionary War fic, but that's another topic. This one I want to talk about is the idea of America having children OC states. How it goes is that America is a father with 50 state personas as his own children, whether adopted or blood. I'm sure you've heard of this cliché.

I see a lot of potential in this and, when I first heard about it, I was squealing at the idea of America being a father of 50 children that are personas of each state of the country. I was already imagining the backstories, the history of each state, the different personalities, the relationships, their accents, perhaps even each of their jobs. It was such a wonderful and splendid idea, only to be disappointed and annoyed when I realized how much potential was being wasted.

First off, it's the characters themselves. Many that have America's children state OC's usually have all the states be typical Americans and that's it. There's no uniqueness to them, no accents, except maybe Texas, California and maybe New York. I never hear Alabama have his/her own accents like “I'm goin' over there don' cha know,” Missouri say “I don't need no air condition in here!” Louisiana say “can I ax you something?” (I know, it's New Orleans accent, but New York gets a Brooklyn accent, so why shouldn't Louisiana get a New Orleans or Cajun accent?), or Hawaii say “Aloha.”

There's also no character development that's based off their stereotypes. There's no Missouri acting like an ill mannered red neck, Hawaii surfing the beaches and drinking coconut milk or a hilarious scene of Florida and Texas fighting over who was the first to invent the rodeo. All I see of their characters is Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3, etc. There's no unique characteristics based on their stereotypes or research put into them. There's not even one state, which I'm sure the author would be from, that feels more fleshed out. It's sad, being that many of these authors are from America and would know the stereotype of their own state, even if they're living in the countryside part of the state.

Second, there's no historical backstory. If there's any backstory, it's usually the basic stories every American has learned in Elementary School (Civil War, Revolutionary War, World War 1 & 2, etc). There's no historical backstory each individual state has. It's sad really, because each state's schools teach that kind of stuff in a Civics class in High School or at least college. I don't know the backstory of all 50 states, but I've never read one fan fiction with state OC's that had a Missouri share any connection to France, Louis and Clark, St. Louis or the story of when the cotton farmers came and settled due to a famine (can't remember which state that suffered a cotton famine, but it grew cotton). I don't even hear about a Louisiana's marketing on slave trade. These aren't much, but they're important information each state holds as a part of their history. It's what can create such unique characters for each state persona. If their backstory is so typical that even an 8-year-old would know about it, it comes off as tedious and lazy to me.

Third, their existence is NEVER explained. This is coming from a show that doesn't explain much on how most countries were born or who their parents are. Sure, you might explain that the states were around, since America was a colony, but how were they America's kids when he was age 5 or 10 in human years? I'm pretty sure America had at least five of his states/colonies when he was a preteen.

There was only one fan fiction with America's children state OC's that did explain this called The Promise of Sunflowers, which mentioned that the states never showed up until after America gained independence. The other fan fictions I've come across never explain how the states are America's children when they existed when he was a small child, except that we assume they existed during that time. There was even one that stated that America and a female Confederate States of America had their state children together. Yes, they had five kids when America was a toddler! That makes so much sense! That's aside from the fact it also doesn't explain about Canada's Providences. Now, that I think about it, what fan fiction out there mentions Canada having children himself named New England, Quebec or Newfoundland? If you know any, please send me a link.

Fourth, most of the fan fictions I read with states as America's children, are just there. They show up, then are never heard from again. We never have America talk about them, except when they're around or wants to introduce them, call them or brag about how proud he is of them. A few fan fictions do have this, like The Promise of Sunflowers, but most of them never do. The America's Children State OC's are a Big Lipped Alligator Moment. The story could go on its own without them. There was a fan fiction I read where America invites Russia to stay with him for Christmas, then there's a scene where they go to a restaurant where Russia meets all 50 states that are America's children, then are never heard from again throughout the rest of the story.

If I was to say other reasons, they'd have one single thing in common that the other four reasons have, wasted potential. If you can't use that potential, then why even write it? It makes no sense! If you want to have 50 state personas, without so much research, don't make them America's children for one. Make them America's siblings or something. It'd make more sense and would explain how they were around when America was a kid. Alot of the country personas that share a single country are usually siblings anyways. You could also narrow down your OC's of the USA personas like I did, even if it's just America, Alaska and Hawaii. That can make the backstories and job of giving them character development a lot less of a hassle.

Though, if I was to say the biggest suggestion of them all. Don't create ANY OC(s) unless you're willing to put effort into them. Don't add them there just because. If you want to create OC's of the 50 states, give them character, backstory and life. Look into the history of all 50 states! If you can't do that, then narrow down your options. You can split the USA personas into 3 (mainland, Alaska and Hawaii), 4 (North mainland, South mainland, Alaska and Hawaii) 5 (Louisiana Purchase, Republic of Texas, English colonies, Alaska and Hawaii), 8 (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, Northweast, Pacific, Hawaii and Alaska) or whatever number suits you best. 

Another thing you could do is do what Himaruya did with the different countries that formed into Germany. Just make them into an individual group. If there was an individual that was played as a character, he was given character development, even if it was just a little. There's a reason Hesse and Prussia are official characters. When the individual countries that became Germany appeared, they all were a single group with a single backstory, history, life and character development. They weren't forgotten after being first mentioned either. When a single character among the group is mentioned, he is given a backstory and a character that is unique among the others. The same goes for Japan, England and their brothers that live with them as one country.

That is all I have to say. Feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts on this, but I just wanted to bring this out. It's annoying to see potential wasted. If you have a fan fiction with America having states as his children, but with each having an individual character, historical background and explanation on how they came into existence during the time they were just colonies and America was young, please send me a link. If you have state OC's that are not America's children, but you have created backstory and characters for them that fit the stereotypes anyways, send me a link for that too. I REALLY want to read one story that doesn't waste so much potential.  


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